Sorry for the language, but it only gets worse from here. So yesterday, Crockpottuesday, I got up extra early on my day off (10 am), was out the door by 10:30am, ran errands, went to my grocery store, and was back home ready to cook by 11:30am.  On the menu was potato and squash cheese casserole and cream of broccoli chicken (sent to me by Rich$ Jordan). I got to my kitchen, put on my apron, turned on the music (Mumford and Sons station on pandora-awesome), and started to unload. I went to turn on the sink water and noticed that it had been turned off…hmm strange? So I called my super and he told me he had temporarily turned it off and it would be back on in the  next 20 minutes…okay…thanks for the heads up. I decided to then check the bathroom water to see if that had gone out too and as I’m walking past my bedroom…ha this is the ironic part…i hear water alright. yea. coming from my ceiling. F. I immediately make a really loud unattractive scream slash urrrrrrrrrrg sound and run back to the kitchen to get my phone and call the super back. He ends up coming upstairs, sees the horrific disaster that is occurring in my bedroom and he starts yelling sh*t, f*ck, God- you get the idea…but all of his reactions make me feel like I have the right to freak out more so then I start half -jumping up and down with my hands doing really weird things and I’m yelling all the words he’s saying after him…if you have ever seen the hangover its kind of like that scene where Zach Galafaknockis is copying  Bradley Cooper’s gestures at the end of the movie…anyways…after we freaked out he told me there was nothing he could do and to call management and he left. HELLLOOOO NEW YORK LANDLORDS. Geez all I could do at that moment was cry. I was so pissed, but also so out-of-place and way over my head. My comforter got soaked and the water went through it, the sheets, the mattress pad, the actual mattress, the box spring, to the floor and I had a small flood in my room. And besides all of this awfulness….crockpottuesday was ruined 😦

I’m okay now and much more composed and have been able to move all of my stuff out of my room and taken all of my linen to the cleaners, but ughhhhhhhhhhhh just so frustrating. And I’m going to be on the couch for a while because I’m bedless. BUT It’s not the end of the world  yadda yadda yadda blahhhh I know. And I’m lucky to have been home and caught it when I did. AND I’m lucky to have such a good friend Crystal who brought me a movie, orded a pizza with me, and brought over teddy bears to dip in vanilla icing 🙂

So long story short though- no food update. Cooking tomorrow. Stay tuned.


And the latest update as of 5/23

6 thoughts on “UGHHHHHHHHHH F!

  1. Hey Susu, this is truly a story worthy of Grandma Charlotte(and we would have given a number to it). Someday you’ll laugh about it! By the way, since I don’t live in NY, what are the chances of your landlord compensating you for the damage to your bed and for your laundry bill?


    • Hey David, you are certainly right- this is a Grandma Charlotte story. I’m giving it number 666. I took everything-meaning all my linen- to the dry cleaners and I’m giving the receit to my management company. And something is going to have to happen with lowering my rent each week because the ceiling came down yesterday ;( I called Billy though and I’m going to go stay at the boat while all this gets fixed. Also, Dad is all over the contract and helping me figure things out. Hope all is well with you guys though! Miss yall!


  2. Susu — Dreadful!. Soo sorry. I’m glad you have a place to stay while this is getting straightened out. We’re all thinking of you. I personally think when you look back on it, you’ll still be just a little bit pissed.


    • Have a place to stay…are you kidding me ?? The boat is heaven on earth !
      Talk about a silver lining. Oh, the new pic of ceiling is scary.


  3. Suz,
    Man, that’s awful. At least you have Business and Legal Big Guns to help you thru the Big Splash. Sue ’em all! In the meantime, enjoy the boat and be thankful you’re not in Missouri.


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