Big ‘Ole Boat

Hello Friends,

Unfortunately Crockpottuesday is still delayed due to lack of assistance and communication from my awesome apartment management company. Although cookin and dinners on the boat is backkkkk! Let me tell you what, there is something about eating on a boat (thanks Cousin Billy). I think everything just tastes better. Dad-you agree? Last thursday Crystal and Matt came over and we made stuffed peppers…awesome recipe from Crystalina. We went to the store and bought:

-3 large peppers

-squash and zuchini

-can of chopped tomatoes

-cous cous (so good they named it twice…like me)

-mozzarella cheese

So then what you do is boil the peppers in a large pot while in a separate frying pan heat up olive oil for your squash, zuchini, and tomatoes.  For the cous cous we just bought the kind in a box and followed the directions for stove top cooking. Once your peppers are cooked and tender stuff them with the cous cous, mixing in the mozzarella cheese, add the veggies, and top again with mozzarella. Then place the peppers on a cooking tray and bake for about 30 minutes @ 350′.  And yo! easy and MAD good!

And of course to go with the peppers-WATERMELON SALAD! Just to remind you: watermelon, chopped onion, feta cheese, pecans, and balsamic dressing…please tell me yall have tried this by now.

OH and the view from the boat…

so in response to the comments…yes, there is a silver lining 🙂


3 thoughts on “Big ‘Ole Boat

  1. I do agree. everything does taste better on a boat. Dont know why that is exactly. But maybe it has to do with your love of boats, water, sun, and good friends. There are a couple of great joys in life: one is eating dinner on a boat. The other is drinking coffee in the morning on a boat.


  2. Awesome post…great things are named twice I agree…You make me laugh Susu and I miss you. There needs to be a Charleston addition of this….yup!


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