Street Dogs

Mis Amigos!

I feel like its been forever! Which it has been for me in the kitchen as well and this greatly saddens me. I am still staying on the big ‘ole boat , which to be honest, (callee: now I’m not gonna lie) is AWESOME.  I’ve been sitting up at the top deck at night watching the sunset, taking in everything, thinking about life, you know the usual, and its been great. However I haven’t been buying a lot of groceries because I haven’t been sure about when I’m moving back into my apartment and really don’t want to deal with the hassle of transporting all this food back and forth. Also the past week at my job I have been working the graveyard shift…this means going into work at 11pm and leaving at freakin 7am. Let me just say it really messes with your body and your eating style. I didn’t know if I was supposed to be eating breakfast food at night, dinner in the morning, and lets not forget happy hour after work? So yes all of these things were done and I was pretty delirious for 7 days straight.  But the point being I have not cooked in about 2 weeks and its driving me nuts because I’ve been eating out on the regular and spending money that I would rather spend on things like CROCKPOT FOOD. And I have picked up a really bad habit that I swear ended yesterday. New York City street hot dogs. For two dollars. Come on.  So yea, I’ve had a couple…and yesterday I was walking to go check on my apartment and I passed a stand and decided I WOULD NOT have a hot dog…and then half a block later there was another stand and I debated in my head, but continued on, and then I swear it was a sign when I came up to the third one. (I really did feel like it was a sign and not just that its new york and these stands are everywhere…right?) So I’m eating it, feeling guilty because this habit needs to stop, and then I start to trip my self out and start thinking about all the nasty stuff probably in this hot dog and then I think I see something strange in it and then all of a sudden the bite in my mouth starts to get really disgusting and so then I run to the nearest trash can and spit it out and throw the rest of my two dollar hot dog in the trash. Hot dog:1 Susu: zero. I’m done.

ughhhhhhhhhhh I need my crockpot!!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned cuz I’m ’bout to really cook something goooood when i’m back!


4 thoughts on “Street Dogs

  1. Nuttin’ better (almost) than breakfast for dinner. Your grandfather Tom’s specialty was the breakfast dinner. Cheers, Aunt Anne


  2. Susu
    In mcclellanville with your mom and this weekend. We celebrated cha chas birthday late and grilled zucchini with peppers and onions, lamb, tomatoes with mozzarella and basil, corn on the cob. Love reading your blog and will send a recipe to you if I cook a good one.
    My favorite person to cook with is your dad…since 1977!

    Love u


  3. Le chien chaux (the hot dog; just guessing about the French name) is only not-poisonous at baseball games. And I bet it’s about $8.00 at Yankee Stadium by now.

    It’s seems to be really good for the soul, tho’. This is the reason that you can get addicted to them. I like them with sauerkraut or coleslaw myself …


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