What up!! I have not written because so much has been going on AND unfortunately Mr. Crockpot and I have been separated for about a month. It’s crazy- I moved from New York City exactly a month ago! I am now in Charleston and loving life. It is definitely a different way of living down here in the Holy City, and it was a little bittersweet to leave the big city. I am so happy though and am sitting on my bed right now which overlooks a beautiful porch with a nice breeze and large palm tree out in the front yard- life is good.


So currently I am in a sublease until my apartment is available July 1st. It’s a little far away, and I currently have nothing with me except my clothes (you can imagine I’m having crockpot withdrawals)…but  sooo worth the wait because the house we are moving into is bad asssss. It is right across from colonial lake and walking distance to work, and the battery-which has already become my outlet for running and deep thoughts. It’s the yellow house in the picture!! EEKKKKK

What else…oh I ride a bike to work- it’s seafoam of course and his name is Derk: see below.


I feel like a cool Charleston kid when I ride it, but I’m pretty sure that’s an illusion- whatever it gets me to work. WORK- so work is going well, I have crazy long weeks and spilt days off and still learning the ropes and stuck being the new kid. It’s been a little challenging because we are short staffed at the desk so I have not really been trained, more of just thrown in to help. I’m looking at it as a positive though because I think it means they trust me and my judgment, but obviously any adjustment can be hard. I can’t help but relate things to how the Carlyle did them, which I know I shouldn’t, but at the moment, it’s all I really know. Anyways I’m definitely ready to be in a routine and figure out my role at Charleston Place. Here’s a funny story though- during my orientation the HR lady was walking me around the hotel and told me they had a 5star employee cafeteria. She was telling me all about it and how it was there for the employees and was really good and all they asked was that we didn’t take food from there outside and that we didn’t come on our days off. I am thinking- WOW a five star restaurant for employees???? On my first shift I was so excited to try it out and all of a sudden I realized how much of an idiot I am- it’s just called 5 star. Def. will not be coming on my days off?

Yesterday I went to Magnolia’s restaurant with Tine. OMG- so good. It’s kind of funny because I have quickly found out the good restaurants in Charleston and recommend them all the time to our guest, without having first hand credibility. I have an opentable account and for every restaurant reservation I make, I get a dollar and if it’s during peak hours I get $10- and yall- I make reservations all day long so it’s awesome!!!  Magnolia’s is certainly a big wig restaurant that I throw out there all the time so I grabbed Tine and went to treat myself. And don’t think I didn’t slip in there that I worked at CP and sent them lots of business and needed to experience it myself…oh and it worked. Our waiter brought us complimentary this delicious bread with a cream cheese butter and their house pimento cheese with crispy homemade bread chips.  I started with a glass of their house chardonnay which was also so good and I don’t even like Chardonnay.  For a (third) starter I got the blue crab bisque- perfect, and then Tine and I spilt two entrees because I wanted to make sure I tried as much as possible. We got the parmesan encrusted flounder with lumps of crap meat over this delicious buttery jasmine rice with asparagus and currently my mouth is watering. The second was a pecan encrusted salmon on top of a beet puree- genius to puree beets I need to try that. So now I have decided I’m going to treat myself to one of the fancy smancy restaurants once a month? (maybe more)

I have been cooking a little bit during the past month but nothing crazy. A lot of good front porch snacks though, which obviously consist of some kind of combination of Susu Salad and then water melon salad.

Its hard to stay in and cook though when there are so many restaurants I want to try!

Well thanks for reading and come back for more to come throughout the summer!

Meanwhile, take it easy life is good.


4 thoughts on “ChuckTown

  1. Suz, Welcome back to SC. Thanks for your update. Both salads look/sound yummy. Derk, the bike, looks like the Schwinn bike I had back in 1954-56. Keep up the good work. Lots of love, Aunt Anne


  2. Back in the Kingdom of Charleston, eh. You’re just in time for the Spoleto arts festival. Lucky you. Enjoy it for me.


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