Potatoes and SquashTA

Dear Followers,

Nothing makes me more happy then the answer to, “What do I do with all these potatoes?”ImageAnswer is OBVI- throw em in the crock!

On a side note before we start cooking-I have finally settled into my new apartment by Colonial Lake and I am so happy. My roommate Lee Anne is the best and we have such a great set up. Our very first night we could barely sleep because of excitement and kept peepin’ our heads out our bedroom doors just to yell the other persons name, we were so excited! The next morning I woke up to sweet Lee Anne fixing me a chai latte and an egg sandwich….whaaaa this is really going to work out. Then we both had to be at work at 10 and the best part is we can both walk to our respective jobs. We walked out the front door and Miss Lee Anne went left and I went right and I had a moment of wow- this just feels right. Its funny too because I am very accustomed to walking to work and one of the pleasures for me of living so close. The walk being back in the South to work though is very different from the walk to work in the North. I think I might have had 6 different people in my short 15 minute walk say hello and talk to me on that first day. I forgot what it was like and loved the feeling. And just as I was having a great morning and walking into work, Lee Anne textes me and says, “I’m on Cloud Nine”…and I knew the feeling!

Now- back to potatoes.

Ingredients needed: Potatoes, cream of mushroom soup, cheddar cheese, onion, paprika, salt and pepper, and butter.

1st- Slice the potatoes:


Then heat your crockpot on high and set for four hours. Mix your potatoes with the cream of mushroom soup, paprika, salt, and pepper. Then layer them in the crockpot with sprinkled cheddar cheese and onion between layers. On top I threw in some cubed butter…because we’re southern..and we can.Image

(Also-when serving, place on top scallions and bacon for extra goodness!)

Next dish: Spaghetti squash- or as my good buddy Harleston likes to say SQUASHTA! This thing is so much fun to cook. I was truly amazed. What you do first is just stick the squash on a cooking tray and cook for about an hour and fifteen minutes at 375. You will know when it is ready once you can cut it down the middle easily.Image

Now the fun. Take a spoon and spoon out the insides (avoiding the few seeds that it contains) and place into a bowl. You will notice that it really does come out like spaghetti!ImageYou can definitely eat the squash as bland as you want because it has a great taste, but we added a few things. I had in a skillet some butter heated up on low with garlic and mushrooms in it that we tossed the squash into. Then we threw in some cut cherry tomatoes,  fresh basil from Harl’s farm, salt, pepper, and shredded Parmesan on top and and it was B E A- utiful!


I then cooked the typical chicken dipped in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs routine. I fried it at first on the stove to brown the sides then threw the bad boys in the oven to finish cooking the insides.

Final three projects were quite tastey:



Thanks for joining crockpottuesday Lee Anne and Harl!

And thanks for reading crockoholics!


4 thoughts on “Potatoes and SquashTA

  1. Hey Suz,
    Another delish recipe! Delighted you are super happy with your apartment and roomie! Make a world of difference. Lots of love, Aunt Anne


  2. Great blog Susu. Nice mix of new charleston home life and cooking! the spaghetti squash is my new favorite dish. love the way you did it. can’t wait for your next post.


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