Charleston Food and Wine Festival

A couple of weekends ago Charleston hosted its annual Charleston Food and Wine Festival. This is a four day event that recognizes local chefs, restaurants, food writers, and basically praises Charleston for being a wonderful food town. People travel from all over the country, even world, to come to this event. Working at the hotel was really awesome because I got to see how big of a deal this event is. We were sold out with ‘foodies’ and chefs coming in town very excited to participant in the festival. I had to work the entire weekend (and also did not have the money to buy the ridiculously priced tickets), but I was fortunate enough to attend the opening ceremony at Marion Square. I was so in my element. Just walking out in the grassy field and seeing all of the tents up with mock kitchens set up inside made my heart race. Angel Postell is the director of the festival and from what I can tell is awesome. To put on such a successful festival and bring in people from all over the world to help celebrate Charleston is no easy task. She opened up the ceremony and I immediately became very jealous of her connections with the food world in Charleston. She then introduced Mayor Riley who is…first word that comes to mind…the cutest little man. He was very proud and excited as he should be. During the ceremony, awards were given out and locals came to the front and made speeches. It was there that I fell in love with the Lee Brothers as they accepted the Laura Hewitt Culinary Legend Award. Matt and Ted are local food writers that have become such inspirational people for me. I had heard of them before and read some of their posts, but it was hearing them at the ceremony that really gave me more passion for food writing and for Crockpottuesday. I felt like I was able to relate with them and really appreciate who they are and what they do. They are from New York and mentioned not being from Charleston and originally not knowing the difference between a “boiled peanut and ….well anything.” I thought it was cool how they expressed not being the typical born Charlestonian, but loving the city all the same and being humbled that Charleston and its people have loved back.

chs food and wine
Now the universe speaks to you in weird ways, but great ways. My mom’s best friend, Wanda, went out to dinner with my mom and me last weekend. Wanda, not knowing anything about my new found love for the Lee brothers, brought me their newest cook book and tote bag to dinner. I was absolutely blown away and could not believe it. It really meant a lot because I have finally found my passion/hobby and this gesture just intensified it. THANK YOU WANDA!! I cannot wait to try and recreate their dishes and share them with yall.

                                          lee bro cook book lee bros

“…we can’t help thinking that our acclimation to Charleston had a profound effect on the sense of wonder we bring to our kitchen today, to the feeling that- whether we’re at the stove, out on the water, chatting with a historian, or dining in a newly opened restaurant- we’re constantly learning, or seeing something from the past in a new light.” – The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen

lee bros skate

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