Kitchen 208

I do not even know where to begin. Places like this are why I have a passion for food. This restaurant just opened on King Street by my office and has been a huge hit…I’ve already been twice. The owners are the Wentworth Mansion people (Charming Inns) and the place is opened for breakfast and lunch. The menu is beyond genius. You know when you have random food in the fridge and try to come up with a meal of only what you have and unbelievably it turns out to be awesome?  Welcome to Kitchen 208.Image
I just started working in the accounting office at Charleston Place and am no longer at the front desk. This means I have stepped over to the Monday-Friday work schedule, which also means the occasional LUNCH BREAK. My co-worker, and saving grace, Danielle and I have decided to make Kitchen 208 a Friday ritual. We have been so excited about the menu and want to try everything. The first time we went we decided to order two different meals and then split them. We ordered from the sandwich section on the menu and got the Belle-Gem and the Smokey Joe. Now: picture a delicious piece of fried chicken with lettuce, tomato, cheese and aioli… and then….sandwiched between two pieces of thick bacon WAFFLES!!! (In my head I was screaming that) I’m not going to get into the flavors because it tasted exactly like what it was-fried chicken and waffles. And that is exactly what I had hoped. The waffles were large and thick too so it was a good balance with the chicken and being able to taste both aspects of the sandwich. The Smokey Joe had a completely different thing going on so I’m glad we decided to get both. This sandwich was a house smoked brisket with onions, cheddar cheese, pickles, and then on buttered texas toast.  You could tell the brisket had been slow cooked and it just fell apart in your mouth with the cheddar cheese. I’ll tell you, there’s something to say about brisket, cheese, and buttered texas toast all in one bit. We had a perfect table for two on their outside patio and enjoyed a first of many Kitchen 208 experiences.
The next week Danielle and I went we both immediately knew that we wanted the ‘Bat Outta Hell’ -and that we each wanted our own. This sandwich is basically a hamburger, but with meatloaf. Ridiculous. This sandwich had on it meatloaf (MOM THE MEATLOAF-had too), gruyere cheese, collard greens (this is what I mean about pulling everything out of your fridge), and then this tomato jam chutney sauce all in the most buttered sesame bun I’ve ever had. Each bite was so good and the warm meatloaf just melted in my mouth. I even had to ask for extra sauce. I also love that with each sandwich they put on top a pickled okra- nice touch. To say the least we were roooolling out of there.
Until next week!!!

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