Liberty London Girl

An intelligent woman once said, “The universe speaks to you in strange ways”- Mom. This is so true. On Tuesday, I got a call from a very good family friend, Belinda Gergel, asking me to join her for lunch Thursday for a lecture. I happily accepted knowing nothing about what we were going to listen to. Later that evening, Belinda sent me the link and I found out we would be attending Sasha Wilkin’s lecture. Sasha is a famous English fashion editor, journalist, food writer, and most importantly blogger, famous for her blog libertylondongirl. I was so excited I couldn’t wait for lunch today.

I met Belinda at the Charleston Library Society along with our fellow neighbor, Kathleen. Kathleen and I, after just meeting, found out we have unreal amounts of things in common, besides just having the same last names of Cassels and mine Kassel. Again, a Universe connection I’m sure. Anyways, during chatting before the lecture, I told the two of them about my Crockpottuesday blog. They were both extremely enthusiastic about it and immediately got on Belinda’s iPad and became followers. I couldn’t help but think how awesome-ly strange that Belinda had invited me to this blog lecture without the previous knowledge that I myself had a blog.

Sasha was such a great motivational speaker and I really enjoyed everything she had to stay about her experience in the blogging world. She made clear that it is certainly not easy to succeed in and it does not happen over night. As I was listening, I kept relating the advice and information she was giving to my own personal blog. So as soon as she opened the floor for questions…my heart pounded as I knew I had one! I got the courage and asked her for advice. I told
Sasha, as well as the group, about my own blog and how it’s what I love doing, but the market to stand out in Charleston is very hard. Everyone is a “foodie” and many people write about the same things I do-food. The thought of Crockpottuesday making it big and public seems so far away. So my question, how do I stand out? What Sasha said next was right on point for such a general question. She told me to personalize it. She said people want to know you. Branch out, don’t talk about just one topic. Also get in those kitchens, have chefs write entries, go to the farm. Yes, some of that seems difficult. However, as far as making the blog more personal, of course that will help differentiate it from the other blog medias.

After the lecture I spoke with Sasha and thanked her. She told me to leave my email address along with my blog website. I was so flattered and it felt good that she seemed interested. Then as we were leaving two women came up to me and they asked me as well for my blog’s website. I truly felt so gracious and like “the Universe was speaking to me” as my mom always talks about. Overall it was such a touching lecture and experience and I was happy to spend it with Belinda and Kathleen.


Sasha and me 🙂

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Liberty London Girl

  1. Proud proud mom…so excited for you ! Listening to the universe is like taking a short cut to understanding. Also…being prepared when opportunity knocks sure plays off. xoxox


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