Thank you.

Good evening Crockheads,

A couple weeks ago I was in the kitchen cleaning my crockpot after a Crockpottuesday dinner and two thoughts came to me: 1) What if I dropped this thing? and 2) How many memories this crockpot has created. The second thought was really a sweet thing for me to reminisce on. I thought back to when I first got my crockpot in 2011 when I was living in New York City. I immediately thought of my New York family and how our dinner parties were really something I enjoyed and even made the Big Apple more homey for this Southern girl. My new cooking tool became an outlet for me and something that I couldn’t wait to experiment with…especially on Tuesdays, one of my days off from working at The Carlyle Hotel. I also laughed remembering how Eliza Murphy was so enthusiastic about the crockpot. It was so fun living with her and Mason because both of them loved to eat and would always have a dinner suggestion. They were certainly an inspiration. We crockpotted every Tuesday and it was so rewarding to be able to cook with and for others. It was actually Eliza’s idea for me to start my blog and now, three years later, Crockpottuesday has really grown.

Last week, I was lucky enough to meet with the editor of South of Broad Living Magazine. This is a magazine that is delivered to all residents that live in the South of Broad neighborhood. The articles in the magazine are all written by residents and it shares their stories. There are many different sections including a house section, a gardening section, and you guessed it…a FOOD section! Now, this all started because recently, my little brother Jake, had asked me where to get a haircut in Charleston. I first asked did he want just a cheap barber shop or a fancy place. Jake’s response: fancy place. So I sent him to my hair dresser, Denise Christiansen. Jake went and got a fancy hair cut and also told my hair dresser about Crockpottuesday…ha who knew that’s what he would talk about!? Anyways, turns out Denise is great friends with the editor of the magazine and set up the connection. Such a small beautiful world. I have now earned a spot as a monthly writer in the magazine focusing on crockpot recipes and maybe I can get in some restaurant reviews as well!

The point of this blog post though is to thank you for reading. It’s people like Jake for spreading the word and friends who support it and even come over for Crockpottuesday that make it all so fulfilling. It is all still very silly to me that I have a blog, but I love to share my crockpot adventures and restaurant reviews and it’s gratifying to know people read it, so thank you.

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8 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. Great crockpot Tuesday blog Susu. I love that your crockpot has brought you such memories. Don’t think you could say the same thing about the microwave. It’s about one pot meals to be shared with friends. It’s about giving and receiving, good luck with the new column.


  2. Susu-I remember when you started Crockpottuesday, and I thought it was cool then….WHOA! Look what it has become! Who knew it would lead you to a writing gig with an awesome magazine in one of the most food savvy cities in the WORLD! I am really inspired by your writing skills, confidence and lack of fear. You’ve got it! So very proud.


    That is, your blog just served as an excellent distraction from school work and I loved it. It seems like I’ve come to it a bit late, but I’m glad I discovered it. The idea of slow-cooking a meal to be shared by family and friends occurs to me as being emblematic of Southern culture, when of course it’s a widely accessible idea. Nevertheless, being a Southerner in an incredibly historic Southern city lends a special authenticity to your blog, and I love the way you incorporate Charleston throughout. You’re a great writer, Sus, and I’m glad it’s brought you success. Keep it up! I hope I find myself in Charleston on Tuesday sometime soon…


  4. Susu–I’ll have 3 crockpots going for the tailgate Saturday–will think of you! Congrats on the articles–look forward to reading them!


  5. What a great post, Su! You have given me so many good dinner ideas and when I read your blog I honestly feel like you are standing in the kitchen next to me. You have so many exciting new things ahead of you – I can’t wait for the South of Broad Living Magazine readers to become Crockheads too!


  6. Susu-You are way toooo adorable!!!! I can’t wait to try your risotto recipe tomorrow!! Thank you for sharing all of your amazing ideas! xoxo


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