Elliotborough Mini Bar

If I lived in the Elliotborough neighborhood…. I would ride my bike home from working at Charleston Place, park the bike in the back of my cute sea-foam colored two-story skinny house with ground level and second level white porches, I would go inside the back door to the kitchen, go up the stairs to my bedroom and drop off my bags and change out of my black skirt and top from work, put on something a little more comfortable, go back downstairs,  walk  through my first living room to get to the front door, exit and cross the street, and enter the doors of what I would like to think as my second living room: Elliotborough Mini Bar.

inside pic

Imagine living in a wild, crazy, hectic city such as New York City. You are dodging the public and tourist with major anxiety and stress, and then you find the coziest, small bar tucked away from the main avenues. You have a moment of ‘this is the place!!!!’ and upon walking in the door, your heart beat immediately relaxes and you feel you’re in a safe haven with just familiar faces, perfectly dim lighting enhancing the beautiful rustic wooden walls, a local musician in the corner playing all of your favorite songs, and the scent of comfort that reminds you of your own home. The bartender immediately caters to you, and maybe even recognizes you, and asks beer or wine?music

Okay, maybe a little exaggeration here. I did not have to hustle down Ashley street with a quick right on Bogard to get to Mini Bar. However, all the other emotions are accurate. Mini Bar does pull you into an oasis unlike any other bar/restaurant I’ve been to in Charleston. I have always wanted to go here on a Tuesday because this is the night the bar serves food from a guest chef from town. All other nights Mini Bar just has drinks and a few appetizers. The only way to get the deets are by calling or checking out their facebook page.

This past Tuesday, I met Alex and Catherine at Mini Bar for Guest Chef Night. girlsAfter our first glass of Sauvingnon Blanc and laughing over high school memories, two more familiar faces surprisingly walked in and joined us. boysSee what I mean now?? At this point I was in my element and so excited for dinner to begin. Erin Plasterer, who is a sushi chef, was on deck. menuErin’s sushi was amazing. She set up in the small kitchen behind the bar and rolled the sushi fresh to order. When remembering back to each bite, what first comes to mind is how fresh each roll tasted. We ordered the Seaweed Salad, The Veggie Bliss, The Spicy Tuna, The Under the Sea, and the Gangsta and all was beyond delicious. My favorite roll was the Gangsta.seaweed


After our meal Erin came out and introduced herself and we were able to tell her in person how much fun we were having and how awesome her sushi was. At that point, Alex says give her your Crockpottuesday card! I started to look through my purse and suddenly began feeling like an unpreparred fool as I realized I didn’t have any on me. Then like a flip of a hat (is that the right saying?), Alex and Catherine BOTH pulled out my card from their wallets eager to pass over for me to give to Erin. I cannot even explain how tickled and almost proud I was at that moment. It was such a cool thing and I was just overall happy. Erin gave me her card as well which states, “I’ll roll to you!!!” Check her out and even hire her for an event- RollingwithErin@yahoo.com 843-810-0837.

So, for now, I will continue to drive or ride my bike to Elliotborough Mini Bar, but once I move into my sea-foam house on Bogard I will let yall know!


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