I have a Problem

It’s official. I have a problem. It was made obvious to me particularly today at work by two people. First by Lewis Booth- the manager of the hotel’s bell stand. Lewis and I are always talking food and showing each other our pictures. Usually, Lewis is telling me about the awesome meal he’s cooked the night before from the Lee Brother’s cook book and I’m telling him about my latest restaurant excursion. This past week I did back to back restaurant night outs at Leon’s on Wednesday and then at The Drawling Room on Thursday. As I was telling Lewis about them, he stopped and all of a sudden looked at me perplexed with an expression of I can’t believe I haven’t ask her this before and says, “Who’s paying for you to dine at these restaurants?” Ha! This honestly made me laugh. I could take this question in two ways. 1) Lewis considers me a paid food critic and is legitimately wondering who picks up my bills. Okay that’s probably false. Or 2) he’s genuinely concerned about my spending habits and wondering if I myself am aware. More likely #2. The second person to reiterate my self-awareness of my restaurant obsession was my roommate Kendall. Later on in the day she asked me if we could get together and dine soon at the Charleston Grill. Twist my arm-absolutely. We went and looked at the schedule and noticed that we both had Sunday off! Perfect. Then I remembered, I already have plans to meet Kelley at the new restaurant on Sullivan’s Island, the Obstinate Daughter. So we looked again, my only other free evening off would be Wednesday. Then again, I realized that was the night of Amy and Douglas’ 30th birthday party at The Macintosh that I arranged. So yes. I Suzanne Kassel, am a restaurant addict. There will be no initial step of denial. I will stand with confidence and accept that what I spend my money and time on is restaurants and food. I have even ordered a specific credit card that rewards me for doing so. So for now, it is I that picks up the bill and I am aware of my addiction!  And just like Lewis added after our conversation, do it while you’re young and you can! Thank you for listening to my rant. Peace Love Foodproblem


7 thoughts on “I have a Problem

  1. Friends we need to do something to help this lost soul. Maybe an intervention. At least she recognizes she has a problem. We need to start detox…


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