1 Day Cleanse

A couple months ago I bought a random Groupon for a full day cleanse consisting of 6 different juices. I have always heard of people doing 1, 2, 3, and even full 7 day cleanses and thought they were crazy. However, after thinking of the copious amounts of junk food and alcohol I poison my body with, why not try it? Okay that’s not really the reason. I actually eat pretty heathy, hit the gym and yoga when I can, and not worried about losing weight. This is more of my interest in ridding toxins from my body and giving my stomach muscles a break from breaking down food. I have been super excited about doing this slash extremely intimidated since food makes me sane. Welp- today was the day. I headed to Sweet Cee Cees on Market Street and picked up my juice package. IMG_0038 At 9:38am I opened my first juice: Supreme Green. YUM. I am definitely bad at deciphering what the ingredients are in these juices, but this one was refreshing. It almost tasted as refreshing as watermelon with cucumber. Okay cleanse-I got this.IMG_0031 11:30am- The Rookie. This juice wasn’t as good, but I still enjoyed it. I would probably even pay to drink this one as a snack. It tasted like a V8. Alright I’m still in this.IMG_0032 1:30-Memory Activator. I’m not that happy. My stomach is growling. I’m writing my Crockpottuesday article for September and describing the way my Chicken Pot Pie tasted from the night before along with the sausage dip and fudge. Memory Activator my ass. IMG_0033 3:38pm- I ate A peanut.

3:40pm-System Detox. Why am I doing this. This is torture. The drink is okay-beets, roots, okay actually it tastes like dirt. M u s t  C o n t i n u e…

IMG_0034 5:30pm-Reboot. I’m miserable. I want to call it off. People are actually hungry out there and I’m paying to be hungry. Is this even healthy at this point because of my hungry levels? I am HANGRY!

IMG_0035 7:57pm……IMG_0036 I couldn’t help it. I really tired. My stomach was eating the insides of my stomach. And it was literally TORTURE knowing homemade chicken pot pie was just sitting feet from me in the fridge. 😦

8:05pm-Relax. Last juice and it’s so gross! It tastes like a bunch of plants blended together. I guess I deserve it though since I cheated. Oops.IMG_0037


Sorry I’m not sorry. That Chicken Pot Pie was the best thing I’ve eaten all day and I don’t regret it!!!! Stay tuned for the recipe!

Have y’all ever passed the cleanse??


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