Meet my friend Andrew Lovedale:AndrewThat’s right, former star of Davidson College in North Carolina and professional basketball player in France and Switzerland. Andrew recently contacted me to share his story and I have to pass it along as his motivation and journey are very touching.

Andrew is from Nigeria and was living in London attending school while playing for Manchester Magic when he was recruited to play in the States. While playing for Davidson, Andrew was amazed by how much athletic gear the team was given, only to dispose of it after they ‘wore it out’. Back in his home town of Benin City, Nigeria, this is not common as kids play ball barefoot or in poorly made sandals. Andrew realized quickly he needed to take action. He asked his teammates to place their old shoes in a box in the locker room after their games. The summer after his first year, Andrew took all the shoes back home for the kids.

Throughout his time at Davidson, this movement increased and three years later he took back basketballs, jerseys, and even more shoes.

During Andrew’s senior year at Davidson, his project was highlighted in articles in USA Today and on ESPN.com. He ultimately collected over 10,500 pairs of shoes and raised $15,000. Even after all this, Andrew felt he needed to do more.

In 2009, Andrew created his non-profit called Access to Success to continuously develop his movement, implement clinics and after school programs, and most importantly, sustain a long-term program in Benin City. Crockheads, Andrew and I need your help. We are asking for you to ‘save a seat’ at your Thanksgiving table for a child. It cost just $22 to provide a hot meal a day for a child in Nigeria for an entire month. A2S needs to raise $40,000 to sustain its daily feeding program for the 2015 year. From November 25th until December 31st, they are campaigning to raise $40,000 so they can continue to provide a nutritious meal for those who often go without basic sustenance.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to actually be starving. I am so privileged to have my Crockpottuesday dinner parties and go out to restaurants reviewing the food based on my ‘standards.’ It really puts things into perspective when your $22 can feed someone for a month. Thank you in advance for your donation and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season! And thank you Andrew for your hard working and making a difference, it is truly inspiring.


A2S 3 A2S

A2S 2


For more information about A2S, click here.


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