DC Adventure

“AHHHHEEEMMM.” Clears throat. Sits at desk and opens up WordPress on computer. Scratches nose. Looks out the window at the beautiful colonial lake under the million dollar construction. Changes Pandora station to Milky Chance. Leaves and open blinds in living room. Puts on cat slippers. Sits back down. SUSU FOCUS!!!!!! It’s been two months and I’ve forgotten how to sit still and write! But bear with me because I’m coming back, slowly but surely. Proof is in the pudding. (right…Mary, Ray?) I’ve made some good crockpot dishes that I *intend* to share with you including Beef Stew over Egg Noodles and a Roasted Red Pepper Soup. I also ate for the first time at Amen Street and got some good pics and stories to tell. However, first, my DC trip to visit Mary.

Mary is a good friend for many reasons, but one of my favorite things about Mary is her dedication to show a friend a good time. Y’all should have seen the itinerary she sent me before I even went up there.  She had each day planned with activities and was such a good host. When I first arrived early Friday morning, she picked me up and took me to her hood in Georgetown. She has a cute studio-esque apartment right off Wisconsin Avenue. IMG_0015We dropped my bags off and grabbed a coffee from her local coffee shop, walked around for a bit, and then rented bikes! We rode all around the downtown passing the monuments, the White House-sup Obama-,National Mall, and all of the museums. I felt very city again. We stopped at a food truck and ate outside and enjoyed the perfect weather which I really lucked out with all weekend (and would only happen because Mary was involved, always lucky). After exploring downtown, I wanted to see where my Dad grew up in DC so we jumped in the car and drove about 15 minutes out to his house in Chevy Chase. It was pretty cool to stand there and see where my grandparents and pops lived. My dad had also sent me a pic of him in front of his house so I decided to mock it which turned out for a funny photo. IMG_0016We then headed to Pearlz Dive for drinks. We were pretty impressed with ourselves for lasting up until 2:30pm before our first cocktail. We hung out there, then got espressos and ice cream back near Mary’s place. I love that about a city. Everything is close. For dinner the first night we went to Eno Wine Bar. We sat at the bar and split a bottle of red wine and ordered a charcuterie platter, a Margherita flatbread, and jalapeño lemon deviled eggs.IMG_0017 Wow. Everything was delicious, but more importantly it was really fun to sit up there with Mary. We haven’t lived in the same city since 2010 and I forgot how this was one of my favorite things. Mary and I have the same birthday (why she claims we’re even friends which makes me furious) and we are currently in our golden year, meaning 26 years old and born on the date 26. I realize we over play this “golden year” thing way more than others, but for some reason, it really does mean something to both of us. This is a special year and 26 is the time for it all to happen! Hashtag #snowglobetalk. After our loopy dinner, we headed to Virginia to hear Mary’s stepbrother Eric’s band and dance all night. Check them out, they’re awesome Party Like Its.

Saturday. Whoa. DC you’ve already kicked my butt. And this is the part I really want to share. Mary made brunch reservations for the two of us as well as my Aunt Anne and Uncle John at a restaurant on the waterfront called Famers Fishers Bakers. I was really looking forward to seeing Anne and John after all these years, but unfortunately they weren’t able to make it due to snowy weather out in Virginia. We will have to go back guys because this place was insane! Mary and I had no idea what we were getting into for brunch. We walked into a huge restaurant right on the water and in front of an ice rink.IMG_0025 IMG_0019IMG_0018The restaurant itself is beautiful with tall ceilings, triangle beams creating a rustic look, and huge windows illuminating the inside. We were sat at the perfect table for two in the middle of the restaurant and were able to take it all in. My mouth was watering and I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt like Keeper. Our adorable waiter Kyler, who wore a navy blue bow tie, glasses, and cute fitted dark jeans, explained the restaurant does strictly a buffet style for brunch. He offered to start us off with the Sparkling Punch Brunch Bowl that serves 4 people while we got up and fixed our plates. This is a huge bowl with pieces of cut fruit and juice and then a bottle of cava brut. I’lll come back to this. I have a problem with buffets. I have to try everything. Even things I would never order I feel that I HAVE to get them on a buffet. Our plates were overflowing with pork belly, sliced ham, beet salad, kale salad, cheese grits, crab dip, pulled chicken, guacamole, grilled corn, vegetable fried rice, watermelon, and I’m out of breath. IMG_0020 IMG_0022And as if this wasn’t enough, the restaurant has ‘traveling trays.’ This means cocktail waiters that walk around and offer you additional food. So then we were also partaking in these people coming up to us saying, “Slice of pizza? Fried shrimp ma’am? Would you care for some sushi? How about some biscuits and cinnamon rolls.” What!! IMG_0023I have NEVER had a brunch like this. And to top it off, I was feeling goooood. I’m sorry. I don’t know what it was about that Punch bowl, maybe that it was for 4 people instead of 2, but Mary and I had lost it. We didn’t even have to move to drink because they gave us these extremely long colorful straws that transferred the alcohol from the table straight to us chillin 5 feet back in our chairs. We were so full, but couldn’t stop eating, and were border line falling out of our chairs. It was awesome. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard like we did that day in a while. This was quite the experience and I recommend everyone making a special trip to this restaurant while in DC.FullSizeRenderAfter brunch we somehow shopped along M Street and then went straight to Mary’s bed and slept for a good 2 hour nap. That night, we went out with her neighbors to a DC club and danced night 2 away.IMG_0028On day 3, we met up with Mary’s family for yet again another crazy brunch. We went to Masa 14, all  you can eat and drink for $40. Here we go. Y’all, we brunched from 1pm until 8pm. I’m laughing now because it was so ridiculous and yet so fun. I know in my past life I was a Zmuda. Papa Dukes likes to call me Susu Zmuda and I’m ay-okay with that. This brunch was a tapas style where you order small plates and just keep them coming! We had breakfast pizza, breakfast tacos, mushroom flatbread, pork belly benedict, seared salmon, bacon fried rice, quiche, smoked brisket, AND mimosa after mimosa. Those Zmudas/Tafts are some fun peoples. IMG_0033After day 3, Mary and I went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 9am. It was needed. We had breakfast at a cute restaurant under the bridge and then I was off back to the airport on a already 2 hour delayed flight. However, in good ole Mary fashion, I was able to get on a different and earlier flight to Charleston. Zmudula- thanks for a wonderful and much needed weekend! Cheers to 26!


9 thoughts on “DC Adventure

  1. Wow, Suz, you DID have a great weekend. Really sorry John and I didn’t make it to G’town. Next time perhaps you can check out your mother’s home in McLean, Va–just across The Chain Bridge. The rental (1960-64?) was torn down year or two ago and replaced with a MacMansion. The house your grandparents bought and lived in ca. 1964-1990 is pretty much the same.


  2. Would you please ask Mary when she and her family are available. I would like to come up. There is nothing better than a gracious host who plans a wonderful weekend for traveling friend. I lived in d.c. for years and years but never had so much fun as when I read susu’s post about the place. Love you guys.


  3. Susu,
    I love hearing about your trip to DC! I am glad that you like the city of your forefathers. I am continually amazed by what’s here to see, taste and do.
    I love Crockpot Tuesdays.


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