Anson’s Seafood

My trip to Anson’s was very spur of the moment. I was with a party of ten and we originally were going to go to Pearlz. The wait was taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r though so I made a few phone calls around and luckily enough got us all into Anson’s right then and there! They had a beautiful table arranged for us upstairs in a smaller and quieter atmosphere from what we walked into downstairs. To be honest…we should have been placed downstairs. I was with the wolf pack and we weren’t even expecting to go to a nice restaurant so we all had to quickly reevaluate ourselves and the situation of being in a much more formal atmosphere. (When we are all together we get a little wild.)

So for an appetizer I ordered the fried green tomatoes.fried green tomatos

They were certainly delicious and the presentation was pretty…but I felt a little unsatisfied. I think it might be a personal thing with fried green tomatoes though.  As most of you know, I am a tomato freak and put them on everything. I think a big red juicy tomato will 99% of the time make whatever it is you are eating better. So with fried green tomatoes,  my problem is they are never as juicy as I would like for them to be (which obviously isn’t their purpose). And then I love goat cheese which is pretty common to serve with fried green tomatoes, but it just makes the tomatoes that much more dry. Yea I think this might just be a personal problem.

For my meal I ordered the scallops and grits.Image

The scallops were cooked perfectly as you can see with the pretty golden color from the searing. I was very happy with them..but that was about it. Yeah the grits were good, but the proportion compared to the scallops made a hungry Susu mad. They were great compliments for each other..for the first 3 bites til the grits were gone. Also one of the main reasons I ordered this dish is because the menu said it came with okra in addition to the lima beans, but then it never did. Our waiter had told us that Chef was out of the okra appetizer so I made sure to ask him if he was also out of okra for the scallop dish as well. He assured me they were not for the entree so that was my deciding factor….because I love okra. Really I did enjoy the meal but I’m complaining because I think it was too pricey. To have such small portions, leave items off the dish, and have mediocre service is frustrating when paying $29 for an entree. I did enjoy being with all my high school friends though and catching up but next time we will certainly need a more chill spot where we can maybe eat more and howl a little louder 😉