Hello!!! Okay everyone, this is going to be the Susu blog-weird.I know. BUT I am actually really excited and hope yall enjoy reading this. Last Christmas I got one of the most awesomEST gifts ever…A CROCKPOT. I have loved to cook for about 2 years now, but the crock pot truly is another world of cooking. It has opened so many food doors for me and I want to share! (Dad I’m sounding like you this is weird)  Anyways I wanted to catch y’all up on the past Crockpottuesday meals before this genius blog was created.

Last Tuesday, April 26, was the famous Boston Butt. This is actually the shoulder of a pig. And oh girl, it is good! I had bought about 9lbs of it back in February on accident so I cut off about half and threw it in the freezer. The trick to a good Boston Butt is the way you BUTTER DAT BUTT! This might even be why I like making this meal so much because you get to tell people you gotta go butter the butt, makes for good introductions to new friends at the bar-just saying. SO this entails taking that bad boy of meat and coating it in:

  • Brown sugar
  • cumin
  • paprika
  • chili powder
  • oregano
  • salt/pepper
  • garlic powder



After the meat is evenly coated (or not even doesn’t really matter), place it in the crock pot and have it marinate in the fridge overnight. Then, set that alarm clock for 9:00AM, get your ass out of bed, put the meat in the crock, program it for TEN HOURS on low heat, and then go about your business! It’s so easy. After ten hours “when your house is smelling of crock pot” take two forks and pull that pork apart.IMG_0008

Eliza recently went home to South Cacolackin and brought back some sticky fingers BBQ sauce and we poured that in the pot and let me tell you whaaaat–that’s where it’s at. We also made green bean casserole (shout out to mama Connie), homemade mac n cheese (experimented by Eliza and myself which was ridiculously awesome), biscuits for the pork (layered kind duh) AND watermelon Salad. Let me tell you about this real quick: chopped watermelon, onion, feta cheese, walnuts, balsamic dressing. I won’t say anything more but if you know whats best for you, you will make it yourself and won’t be making that face again.


Guest that attended: Susu, Eliza, Mason, Matt—-success? Yes.