Chez Nous

Last Thursday I worked a mid-shift, releasing me to enjoy an evening away from the hotel and the crazy scenarios that can occur in the hotel world at night. On these special occasions, I take FULL advantage. My favorite times, as y’all know, are enjoying my evenings cooking dinner or exploring new restaurants with my friends. On this particular night, I was extremely thirsty and eager to run out the door that I had one of my oldest friends, Louise, on the phone before my feet hit the free pavement. After going back in forth on where to meet up, we decided that I’d pick her up (check out the sweet new house!) and head over to Chez Nous. Chez Nous is a new french GEM! in town and what I’ve been calling the ‘sister restaurant’ to Bin 152. It is down a small hidden street, that I actually mistakenly passed, called Payne street. Payne is off of Coming, between Spring and Cannon, and leads you down to a narrow cul-de-sac where Chez Nous stands in a charming Charleston House. I couldn’t wait to explore the inside!IMG_0014Just beyond the black wooden fence, is France. Plain and simple. Right in the middle of downtown Charleston you find France. Look at that table in the sweet petit courtyard. I think Pane E Vino has found his French MadameIMG_0002“There’s something magical about hidden cottage Chez Nous. Couples fall in love, critics swoon about its romantic potential, and with only two people in the kitchen (chefs Jill Mathias and Juan Cassalett), they still put out some of the most-praised plates on the peninsula.”-Eater Charleston. Well then, as you can see Louise and I were in for quite the date night. Upon walking in the house, the restaurant is dimly lit, with beautiful dark wooden features, small tables for two strategically placed around the room, and quiet music plays in the background to really set the mood. I also noticed old pictures hang on the walls with antique mirrors that enhance the romantic scene. Louise and I were placed at one of the most special tables as said by the waitress, a high top right beside the window. IMG_0006At this point we were feeling extremely fancy, and maybe even a little out of place for an after-work drink. I felt like I had to whisper to keep up with the tender ambiance of Chez Nous. There was no turning back now though, and not that I wanted to, just some rearranging to do in my frontal lobe to prepare myself. The bar consists of beer and wine only and we decided on a bottle of white from France. Unfortunately, I’m at a loss for the name, but I have had this wine before and remember it for the hints of pear and how crisp it was. Definietly a favorite and I’m sure if you described it they would be able to pull it for you. Louise had already eaten and I had for the most part, but of course, needed to see the menu. Each day the menu changes and consists of 2-3 appetizers, 2-3 entrees, and a dessert. I decided I needed to try the Eggplant Pate.IMG_0004The pate came with a toasted baguette that they sliced and served with a warm tomato confit. Our waitress explained that the chef removes the skins from the eggplant, blanches them, chops up the meat of the eggplant, stuffs everything into a plastic mold, cooks it in the oven, and then finally, sets it aside to cool in the fridge before serving. This was something explained to us in the beginning and Louise and I were lost. Then, after being checked on a few times by different people in the restaurant and getting more information each time on the production, I think we are now pros.

Towards the end of our bottle of wine and appetizer, two goofy faces walked in the door.IMG_0011Good ole Trig and Reckless Ray. We decided to have another glass of wine with these guys and all enjoy dessert, a chocolate pastry.IMG_0010

At this point, I think I had loosened up and was done with the whispering! We certainly enjoyed our special window spot and had fun being fancy for the night.
IMG_0013Go check out Chez Nous with your love bird and let me know how the entrees are! Also, was told by the owner on our way out that they have an amazing brunch! Any takers??