Cru Cafe


Hello Crockheads!
As you all know- I love food and I think I have finally found my passion with it. Yes crockpotting soothes my soul and I will continue to be amazed by it, but lets be real-the restaurant scene truely brings me to life and is my passion and desire. I want to catch yall up on my latest food excursions. I have found myself taking pictures of my food at restaurants (which, yes I hate being that person) but with the intent of writing about it later on…so here it goes.

Cru Cafe: This is my favorite lunch restaurant in Charleston. It is located in an old southern white house right off the market (across from the famous red barn where people take horse ride carriages around the city). The menu is fairly light with fresh local ingredients. Perfect for salads, sandwiches, soups, light seafood.
This dish was from the specials menu and it was an amazing huge mozzarella ball…stop judging.
I also highly recommend the duck confit arugula salad-redic.