Delish Bakery & Bistro

I’m a little shocked that I’m on the late train and have just recently discovered Delish. As soon as I opened the seafoam door I swear the bakery started echoing “SuuuuuuuuuuuSuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.” I am a huge fan of cafes and I didn’t realize it until I lived in Spain and New York. One of my favorite things was stumbling into random coffee shops because it helped make the cities seem smaller and more comfortable. I’m a very extraverted person, but I really enjoy and appreciate being by myself with a cup of coffee and a local paper/magazine in a cozy cafe. I thought I had found them all in Charleston until I spotted the seafoam door at 272 Meeting Street.

The cafe kind of reminds me of Alice’s Tea Cup in New York if any of you are familiar. It is a quaint spot and has a lot to take in. When you walk in, you first notice the place is covered in seafoam. Sea foam walls, seafoam pictures, seafoam dishes, seafoam counter, AND a seafoam BIKE! So you probably now understand why I’m obsessed.

The menu ranges from bakery items to paninis, wraps, and salads. I went simple with a bagel and cream cheese and a coffee. I settled down at a table by the window and had the best little morning to myself. And then it got a little better when my bagel came out on a seafoam plate!


Yes. Seafoam is my favorite color.

Have a wonderful day!