Edmund’s Oast

Edmund’s Oast. If thy shall decide to dine at the Edmund’s Oast on the up skirts of the peninsula, thy must speak with the English tongue and drink whisky and dark bourbon and nibble on exquisite bites (in my best accent). Honestly, if you’re like me you will find yourself playing a certain role while at Edmund’s Oast…or maybe not I don’t know now. Regardless, the brewery is a beautiful restaurant with large ceilings, tall table tops, a display window of dried meats above the open kitchen, and a bar with endless options on tap.

meat 2


I went to Edmund’s with Alex, Casey, and Danielle and I was confused at first with the menu. To my surprise, Edmund’s Oast is more of a fancy brew pub for drinking and social gatherings than an order a full dinner restaurant.  The menu is fairly light on food and focuses more on the variety of drink offers. So, while at Edmund’s Oast you must do as they do- drinks and small plates.

They first brought out to us a fresh charcuterie board with three different meats and nuts.

meat board

Next came Alex’s delicious lamb meat balls. They were light and tender with a nice browned outside. They were served with a citrus apricot sauce and mint.

lamb balls

Our third small plate should be pictured next, but as I’m writing this I just realized I didn’t snap a pic…any guesses on what and why that would be?? Because it was cheese. Pretty sure we devoured the cheese before my conscience even knew to take a picture. I will say we all wanted more because who can resist cheese…..not Alex! 😉

Next was the Carolina Gold Rice Heritage Chicken Porridge. Talk about comfort food. I would have ordered this as an entire meal. It was composed of shredded chicken and blue crab pieces in a creamy thick rice porridge. It had the perfect texture and the saltiness kept me from putting my fork down. For those of you that like shrimp, there were three large shrimp on top too.


The last side dish we ordered was the Whey Cooked Polenta- good call Danielle. This dish tasted like very light creamy grits and it had a slow poached duck egg in the middle.  The garnish was micros greens, charred pickled leek tops, and finely shaved parmesan cheese. I wanted to get full off this dish particularly, but each bite dissolved too soon. I think an enhancement would be three large seared scallops on top.


And lastly the desserts: the Blood Orange and Almond Cake and the Chamomile Panna Cotta. The Blood Orange cake’s outside was amazing with sweet citrus flavors and then balanced with the almond flavor in the inside and whipped buttermilk on the side…aka Michelin man.

orange cake

The Panna Cotta was also delicious with a beautiful kiwi and flower presentation, but I think we were all laughing through it.  When the waitress brought it out and described the dish, Alex yelled RICOTTA CHEESE??? She was clearly still upset that the cheese plate was too small and gone.


We had so much fun at Edmund’s Oast that we all decided on one more cocktail to end the evening. The waitress told us about a special cocktail off the menu that was like a bourbon milk punch with milk soaked apple jacks. The drink at first sip was so strong, but in a manageable way and made bourbon taste delicious (sorry Dad). And actually, with each sip the cocktail started to taste more and more like the sweet milk after eating apple jacks cereal. By the end of the night we were falling out of our chairs laughing and crying…”Carlos likes his cottage cheese on toasted toast!”

group 2

Edmund’s Oast- go now.