Gin Joint

This place is the best hidden secret for brunch-WHO KNEW! Callee and I were walking downtown one Sunday morning and happened to stroll into a little coffee shop. We were looking at the chalk board, but both agreed we were much more hungry then the pastries they had to offer. The lady that worked there was very nice and recommended the Gin Joint. I had always thought the Gin Joint was just a bar and only opened at night. Wow so glad I now know! I had the best chicken and waffles of my life!!!
gin joint waffles
You know it’s good when the butter is melted on the chicken instead of the waffles! OMG SLAP YO GRANDMA

Callee had the shrimp and grits and was just as impressed!
gin joint s and p

It was such a beautiful morning that we were able to sit outside and enjoy our brunch and catch up and people watch. I can’t wait to go back!