Graze is a restaurant in Mt. Pleasant that I ate at with the Cottage girls (Mary, Callee, and Katie) for some good ole roomie catching up time. We decided to check-out a restaurant on that side of town because Callee just moved into a beautiful one-bedroom apartment in Mt. Pleasant. As soon as you walk in, the place screams CALLEEEEE.  It is so perfect for her and we were all very happy that she finally has her own place and is settled…also a little jealous. The night started with wine and catching up and being total girls running around Callee’s place saying how much we loved it. Then Katie, who had just gotten back from Prague and numerous other countries in Europe, surprised us all with these beautiful scarves that she had brought back. To say the least, I was in my element and was loving the company.

Graze is just across the street from Callee’s new spot so we hopped on over there ready and all did-up. When we walked in, the manager immediately asked us, “What are yall celebrating!?” I guess the answer was ourselves and all the new things that have been happening in each of our lives and so he brought us over a comped bottled of champagne to toast with. (Now I remember why we travel as a pack 😉  For starters we ordered the mussels. If there is one thing you should know about Callee, then it’s if there are mussels on the menu, she’s getting ’em! They were pretty good, but not the best I’ve ever had. Towards the end I ate one of the mussels that had a porta-potty type taste to it. Lets rephrase that, a  CLEAN* porta-potty type taste. It became weird, so yea not my favorite.
Reading the rest of the menu my mouth began to water. (I hope you have forgotten the previous comment and moved on like I did). There is no real theme on their menu except the basic trend of ‘farm-to-table’ and then their motto of “Creative, Casual, Cuisine.” I ended up getting the pecan crusted salmon with whipped potatoes, green beans, and topped with a bacon-maple type dressing. I will say, I was quite satisfied and really enjoyed my meal. The salmon was cooked with a crispy crust on it and then was juicy and soft on the inside. And the dressing, you really can’t go wrong with anything bacon related. As for the critique: The whipped potatoes were sweet potatoes. Which, don’t get me wrong-I LOVE. However, this dish had too much sweetness going on.  I wish they had used regular potatoes to give some saltines to the dish. Salty and sweet go so well together and really would have given this dish more balance. With that being said, I still ate it all and was more than happy. Callee ended up getting scallops on top of this delicious risotto, Mary got a really good oyster salad with apples and goat cheese (Mary loves oysters- this is a pretty typical meal out for her), and Katie of course went out with a bang and got the beef special also on top of the whipped sweet potatoes.
  salmon             scallops          oyster            beef
We really had a wonderful time and I loved being around my girls. It’s funny because as I was sitting with them, I realized they use to be my ‘new’ friends. They were the girls that when my mom asked if I was making new friends in college- its was these girls. Now it has been 7 years and we have been best friends since and I consider them old friends. And Katie: I think you said your analysis right about each of us over dinner…good thing for your long shower thinking 😉