Hall’s Chophouse

Two weekends ago unfortunately was a bit of a disaster. I have personally been trying to get my cousin down from New York to visit Charleston for months. Cousin Billy is a world traveler and groups all of his trips into four different categories. The categories are: relaxing trips, adventurous trips, site-seeing trips, and then FOOD trips.

See where I’m going? Obviously Charleston would fall under his food category of trips and he would love experiencing and eating his way through Charleston. Starting before Christmas I worked on an itinerary for Billy of all the best restaurants in Charleston. This was no easy task because the restaurant scene in Charleston is unbeatable and new restaurants are always popping up that need to be on my list.  However, after many emails back in forth and why we would not be going to Husk, we finally settled on Hall’s Chophouse. YES. STOKED.

Hall’s is one of my favorite restaurants downtown. The Hall family owns the restaurant and they are very hospitable people and always make me feel very welcomed. I love sitting at the bar at Halls and having a dirty martini and an appetizer while enjoying the scene. As far as dinner, I have only had a full meal there once and I literally had to be rolled out and go straight to bed. So to say the least, I was very excited to share this place with Billy and his New York friends. Well well well…why I hate the cold and snow. This was the weekend that New York got hit hard with Saturn, the snow storm that delayed almost all the flights leaving from New York. After anxiously following Billy’s flight on-line and seeing delay after delay, his flight was canceled all together and there were no other flights coming into Charleston. I was so sad. This trip had been planned for months and everyone was so excited to have Billy and his friends in town and also help celebrate Billy’s birthday. I know that Billy probably took it the hardest too because he had a fun part of the weekend planned in Kiawah as well with his friends. It was one of those disappointments that never settled in until hours later when I realized he really wasn’t coming. I was working at the hotel that day and I swear the next three guests I saw looked exactly like Billy and for a second I thought it was a huge joke.


As sad as the situation was, the night was not ruined. Our party of ten unfortunately turned into a party of four: Mom, Dad, Katie, and me but we certainly made the best of it and had a great time. We sat in the upstairs dining room at a nice quiet table where we could all talk and enjoy each other’s company. In honor of Billy, there was a lot of New York style talk and a lot of “whoa whoa whoas.” Oh and some, Cousin Venny talk as well.


The girls ordered the petite filet mignon (8oz) medium rare and the Pops ordered the dry aged New York strip. All of Hall’s steaks are from Chicago and they seriously melt in your mouth. They are definitely expensive steaks, but it all makes since once you taste them. Four waiters delivered the steaks to us at the same time and the presentation was gorgeous. The steaks came out on clean plates and uncut. They asked us to make a cut down the middle to make sure it was cooked to our satisfaction.  That’s when my mouth started to water. For sides we ordered the cream corn skillet, lobster mac-n-cheese, and the collards. Let’s just say as far as southern comfort food goes with these sides, they know exactly what they’re doing. The cream corn skillet forever will be my favorite dish because it is so creamy and sweet with whole corn kernels throughout the dish. It is very dangerous however and probably why people get wheeled out of the restaurant. Also served with each steak was a sliced tomato. It was lightly cooked and charred on top with some type of balsamic sauce soaked up inside. I could have eaten five whole tomatoes like this.


For dessert Billy Hall complimentary brought us out a piece of cake as big as our heads. It was a very nice touch and exactly what we needed after a huge steak dinner…ha right, and yes we destroyed it. The night certainly turned into a good one, but I am already planning and looking forward for Billy to finally get his #$$ down hur!!! Until next time crockheads, thanks for readin 🙂

halls cake