Now guys, Yes I am a judgemental person. HOWEVER, I am fair judgmental person. Husk is a restaurant that 2 years ago, won the best restaurant in Charleston by Bon Appetit. Sean Brock is the chef and owner who also owns McCrady’s. Ever since working at Charleston Place Hotel, I have experienced the Husk fever from all of the guest. “Can you please get us into Husk!? Tell us about this Husk place? Do we need a reservation!” Well yes, you need a reservation about a month out and no, I don’t know anything about it. So what I did was got my awesome conceirge Rick to get me in on a busy night and see what all the fuss was…oh and with very high expectations. Well number 1- they couldn’t find the reservation and were rude. I asked to look, and yes it was there…after holding us up for an hour and making me look stupid in front of my out of town guest. number 2- Asked for a suggestion on an appetizer and we were given crispy chicken skin. I mean…yeah it was good? Who doesn’t like to chomp on fried chicken skin…maybe with a beer at a bar? I don’t know but spending $15 on them at a white table cloth restaurant wasn’t doing it for me. Okay so then number 3…BACON cornbread in a skillet. Um yes please bring that to our table. Oh wait- preferably not the one that is completely burnt on the bottom. (sorry for the tone of all this, I just have a lot of feelings about it that’s all) Number 4- Don’t tell me your pork chops have been cooking all day long and fall off the bone and convince me to get a very expensive entre and then barely be able to cut through it with a steak knife. It was no joke the size of a flinstone chop you would feed dino.

Okay so first time not so good of an experience…but you know what, everyone has an off night. I still had fun and the service was great and the atmosphere was right on so yeah I’ll give it another chance. The second time I went back was for my friend Kingslea’s birthday. It was also restaurant week in Charleston so Husk had a 3 course meal for $35 dollars. I unfortunately don’t remember what my first course was because I am writing from memory from a couple of months ago, but I certainly remember the main course. I remember thinking to my self, get the chicken, Husk can not mess up the chicken. Ugh they messed up the chicken. I thought I would be safe with the chicken since I was already skeptical of the restaurant. Chef had come up with this crazy chicken dish though where it was 3 different parts of the chicken (boneless) and rolled up all together with a crispy chicken skin around it. Now- chicken skin yea it was delicious. But imagine having this cylinder shaped chicken where you cut through it and see all the different colors and the flavors are not blending. I agree the the theory is cool and different and certainly creative, but it was too much. It should have just been all light or all dark meat. And to top it off, the chicken was set atop of cooked arugula. Who cooks down arugula?

Now again, I’m a fair person. I gave Husk a 3rd try for lunch!
husk burger

I specifically told the waitress I was looking for something simple and good and popular off their menu- little did she know because this would be my final test for Husk. She told me to get the burger, that it was the only menu item that had remained on the menu since their opening. Okay-great advice and seemed simple enough for what I was looking for. The burger however, and to my unfortunate hope, proved to me that I was officially done with Husk.

I truely wanted to love this restaurant because I certainly agree with everything Chef is doing with eating local and preparing meals with the garden in the back, but GQ food critic Alan Richman said it best, “Husk is proof that a restaurant isn’t about what comes in the back door; it’s about what goes out the kitchen door.”

I do feel a little bad for bashing so I will say…the bar is awesome