Pronunciation: “EEN-dah-koh” NOT :”EEN-dak-o”

Everyone has been pronouncing this Italian restaurant with a huge southern accent and telling me I was wrong in calling it by the Italian name for the color indigo. This restaurant is also Indigo Road’s newest restaurant which makes my pronunciation only makes sense. So when I called to make a reservation and the hostess answered by saying, “Hi and thank you for calling “Een-dah-koh”… you can imagine how much pride and triumph I felt. BOOM to all you een-dak-os.

Anyways, I owed Odom a meal for helping me a couple of months ago move a ton of unpleasantly heavy future into my room and providing his truck for the days occasion. So we hopped on our bikes and rode to Indaco. Immediately walking through the massive wooden front door I noticed the place is an eye catcher and a lot to take it. It is industrial slash modern with a lively loud atmosphere. There are long community tables down the middle, more intimate tables along the walls, and then in the back chef tables overlooking an open kitchen. I was feeling the place and ready to experience the food.

Our waitress was very attentive and knowledgable as she told us about the menu and the specials down to every single ingredient. When people talk to me like that I tell you what..the mouth waters. After hearing about the appetizer special, Odom and I knew it was a must. A mozzarella ball stuffed with ricotta cheese flown in from Italy served with pizza crust, lemon juice mixed with olive oil, and fresh olives that explode of fresh olive oil in your mouth…yea we’ll take 20.


For the entrées we decided to go both adventures and safe. We ordered again a dish from the specials which was pasta in the shape of candy wrappers stuffed with quail and foie gras, topped with mushrooms, thick cuts of bacon and juicy roots, and then finished with fresh parmesan and parsley on top. I have never tasted anything like this. It certainly had a gamey taste and was salty and creamy, but then it was also light at the same time and melted in my mouth. I was nervous at first to order this, but our waitress said it was her favorite and I’m glad we took her advice.


The safe dish was tortellini pasta in a salty “brodo” (broth). The tortellini was stuffed with ricotta and served with butter beans, carrots, shaved truffles, and parmesan on top. This dish was hearty and the saltiness of the stock had us slurping every last drip down. My only let down was the truffle mushrooms did not taste like truffles at all. I think some kind of truffle flavor would have really enhanced this pasta dish.


And then for our dessert, because when in Rome you must have a 3 course meal, we ordered the toasted almond budino. A custard base dessert with chocolate shortbread, marsala carmel, and sweet cream. Kill me now.


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