Leon’s: Fine Poultry & Oyster Shop

So following my last post, I figured nows a good a time as any to tell you about Leon’s. Leon’s is a new restaurant that opened up last Saturday on upper King Street. leon'sI’ve been anxiously awaiting the restaurant’s opening as I drive by it often. Also, my buddy Tom, Louise’s boyfriend, is the main bartender up there and he has been getting me pumped and telling me great reviews on the place. The menu is simple:


Three main components: Oysters, Fried Chicken, and Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream.

How genius? The simplicity is what I’m attracted to. It targets a direct audience…those craving oysters and fried chicken. I didn’t even realize this is something I would crave at the same time, but now I can’t stop! I already want to go back. Also, the atmosphere is beautiful. You walk into an open-air bus shed type of building with dark wooden rafters as the ceiling, hanging lights, funky vintage chairs and tables, music playing that Danielle says takes you back to the 20s, and then a connecting outdoor patio where we started off our night.inside

My dinner accompaniments consisted of my front desk team at Charleston Place with a hint of accounting (Danielle). I made clear that there were 3 rules: 1) We must try everything 2) please allow for a picture before diving in and 3) we have to get a group picture before the night is over. These are pretty much the standard guidelines for a Crockpottuesday outing as you already know. So to start…you guessed it…OYSTERS.

The waitress explained two different raw oysters they were serving for the night. Virginia oysters that are big and have a medium salt flavor and Massachusetts oysters that are smaller with more salty flavor. The table decided on Virginia. Great choice.

rawNext we had the grilled oysters. I had never had grilled oysters before and was pleasantly surprised by the smokey flavor. The charcoal spice is also a different experience when mixed with the soft texture of an oyster instead of a typical firmer texture of meat.grilledNow for the Traditional Rockefeller oysters- my favorite. These were covered in a spinach puree that was similar to a pesto flavor. Not to be confused with pluff mud.rockafeller

Next we ordered two sides before our entrees. The first were fried brussel sprouts. These were okay- didn’t really do it for me. I was expecting them to be completely fried, more like  fried okra.I think brussels should stick with being roasted.photo 2The second side was smashed avocado on sourdough bread. This was amazing. The bright lime green avocado was mixed with lots of lime so the tangy flavor really stuck out and was a perfect match with the shaved radish on top. I will have to try this at home.photo 1Now Crockheads- for the best fried Chicken in town and for the best price possible just look at the picture below. This 2-piece light meat fried chicken was so juicy and so crispy I had to take a second. For all you country folk- better than gas station fried chicken. For all  you city folk-better than ritzy high-end fried chicken you eat with a knife and fork. I’m talking straight classic dictionary fried chicken y’all. Can’t beat it.photo 3Even comes in sandwich form!

photo 4My only complaint about Leon’s was that a very vital component of the menu was not available. The soft serve ice cream machine was down! What better way to finish off a meal like that than with some soft serve!! Hopefully it will be back and working though soon because I will definitely be back! Now everyone go to Leon’s and see Tom!photo 5