Benjamin’s Lipton Soup Pork Roast

A couple of weeks ago Ben and I both had Monday off and we Crockpottuesdayed and I’m yet to share the recipe with y’all. Ben came up with the ingredients which are simple and like always, the crockpot does all the work. The original plan that Monday was to get up early so the crockpot would have all day to cook and we would have all day to go out on the water. The day before, Ben had found “the best hidden spot to fish that nobody in Charleston knows about” so we obviously  had big plans. It’s even where he caught this guy:IMG_2593So, because days off and getting up early don’t always coincide, we were a little behind schedule. Our original plan of taking our time getting ready and packed turned into literally throwing ingredients into the crockpot at Godspeed. However,this my friends, is the glory of the crockpot and what it allows for.


  • 2-3lb Pork Loin
  • 1 ½ packages of Lipton French OnionSoup Mix
  • 1 cup of salsa
  • 1 cup of water
  • Splash of Light Sun Dried Tomato Salad Dressing
  • Homemade Beef Stock

First rub the pork with the dry Lipton French Onion Soup Mix. Quick Quick Quick!preparingHave ready in your crock the salsa, water, and salad dressing. The salad dressing was a last-minute splash that Ben thought would be appropriate. Meanwhile, I was watching all of this chaos happen and adding small comments like, “Do you think the salsa will actually taste good?” I’m not even sure that Ben answered and I realized quickly I have a hard time just observing in the kitchen.
salsaNext place the seasoned pork into the crockpot.porkDone?? Well just as I thought we were close to locking the lid, I see Ben’s getting feel-y in the freezer. He turns around and comes out with my homemade beef stock from my short 4Next thing I know he’s chipping away at the frozen stock and adding it to the 5After some hesitation, mainly just because I wasn’t in control, we were finished and turned the crock to low for 8 hours. This probably all took under 10 minutes and then we were headed to the secret spot (I can’t say where or I’ll to have die) not too far off schedule! I can show you below Ben’s pictures though from the trip.IMG_2060 IMG952811We had a beautiful day out in the creek, but a little too windy to catch any fish. I think I was reminded over and over again though #TooBlessedToBeStressed. This held true until the end of the trip paddling back. The current was so strong and I was paddling with all my might and NOT MOVING ANYWHERE.  At this point I was HANGRY. I was yelling and cursing and very unpleasant. At one point Ben tried to connect the two kayaks to help get me back to shore, but this was an even more so disaster that only set us back. Let’s just say the easiest thing we did that day was cook a full meal for 6 people in under 10 minutes. When we finally made it home, the kitchen smelt delicious and the meat was ready to eat! benOur dinner guest for the evening were Odom, Reckless Ray, Catherine, and later on Trig. picstitchWe served the pork on Hawiian rolls and set up a station to add avocados, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, and cheese if you pleased. Also, Odom made his Grandma’s famous Red Rice Recipe. Then of course, to finish up the evening we played a game of salad bowl with red wine galore. And I guess I’ll add, there was nothing really to be hesitant about and I should trust a little better other cooks in the kitchen!

Thanks Crockheads!