Zmudas in the House!

I was so thrilled to receive the sweetest email from Mary Zmuda last night. Please read below 🙂

“I moved to MD a few weeks ago and my new roommates (AKA my parents…) have been cooking dinner for me every night which, don’t get me wrong, has been great!  But being 25, I felt like it was about time I chipped in and offered to cook for them.  They, of course, jumped on my offer and decided to invite two of their friends over to “enjoy” the dinner I was going to cook.  Yikes – the pressure was on to actually make something edible.

I turned to Crockpottuesday to find a delicious recipe that I could make for a group of people with minimal effort – alas Chicken Tortilla Soup, the resident recipe featured in the January edition of South of Broad Living magazine.  This move was also strategic in the sense that if it didn’t turn out good I could always blame the recipe on someone else…

The main reason as to why I picked this recipe was because all of the ingredients were simple – they either were already in my (AKA my parents…) pantry or they were inexpensive and easy to find at the grocery store.  I literally followed the recipe exactly with the addition of a green pepper since I had one on hand, put everything into the crockpot on high, and VOILA! 3.5 hours later we all enjoyed delicious soup!

Here is some feedback about the recipe I either noticed while cooking or received from my dinner guests:
-If you have a small crockpot, half or 3/4 the recipe.  I made the full recipe but the crockpot was so full I had to transfer it to a large pot when it came time to shred the chicken and stir it.
-When the recipe calls for Lots.Of.Cumin this is not a lie.  Lots of cumin needs to be used and it really does make all the difference!
-I topped my soup with cheddar cheese, tortilla strips, and cilantro which was perfect!  Some of my dinner guests put sour cream and guacamole on theirs too which came highly recommended.
-Dinner guest Lisa said, “the amazing thing about this soup is that you can actually taste all the ingredients in it – there isn’t one that overpowers the others!  I will definitely be making this in the future.”
-Dinner guest Kim noted that, “it looked like a very healthy and light dish, but it was surprisingly filling!”
-All that dinner guest Richard could comment was, “Mmmmmmm” as he got up for seconds.



As you can see from the last picture, since we all felt like we ate a nutritious dinner we had to finish the evening with chocolate cheesecake and dessert wine.  Thanks Crockpottuesday!”

cakeThanks Mary for the Friday Feature! If anyone else has any recipes that they would like to share for a Friday Feature on Crockpottuesday that would make me so happy!

Have a great weekend Crockheads 🙂