Pesto Stuffed Chicken

PINTEREST. This site really is great for recipes and new ideas. I will say I’ve tried a couple of the non-food creative ideas/activities and they don’t always turn out as planned, but with food there is certainly a little more flexibility. I was at work one day and it was super slow so I was looking on pinterest for recipe ideas and my mouth immediately started to water. Note to self: don’t look at the site on an empty stomach.

Lee Anne’s favorite holiday (for some strange reason which I don’t understand) is Valentine’s day. On February 1st she asked me if it was too soon to start pulling out the heart place mats and candy bowls to put around the house. She is ridiculous, but come Valentine’s Day I decided to go big or go home. I decided to make a pinterest recipe for my lovely little roommate and our 2 friends Odom and Trig and even bought a large banner to hang up that said happy valentine’s day (3x!)–who’s been hit by cupid now!

Large chicken breast (1 per person)
sour cream
mozzarella cheese- shredded
2 eggs
almond bread crumbs
salt/pepper to taste

Now what I did was took my 4 very large chicken breast and beat the hell out of them with a hammer. I wish I was kidding. I called all of my neighbors and no one had a flippin mallet so I wrapped saran wrap over the head of the hammer and pounded down the chicken until it was thin.
(Note: a mallet will most likely work better)

What you see layered on top of the chicken is pesto, mixed with sour cream, and mozzarella. The recipe calls for a thin layer (1 tablespoon of each ingredient) spread on top of the chicken, leaving a 1 inch free parameter. I recommend being a little more liberal with that layer- load her up!

Once all of my chixs were covered, I rolled them up as best I could and held them in their place with toothpicks. This is where a mallet would have been more helpful because I did not have evenly flat chicken to roll. It was certainly messy, but I finally got the job done.
rolled up chix

Then I dipped each individual chicken into a bowl with a beaten egg and then into a bowl with the almond bread crumbs (very expensive from wholefoods…not so sure if worth it, you can always do regular bread crumbs). Then I put the breaded chicken breast in a greased up casserole dish into a preheated oven at 375 degrees for 30 minutes until the chicken was golden in color.
final chix
I am pretty sure everyone liked the chicken and we were definitely all full after supper…however I was not %100 satisfied. I will make this again because it was potentially amazing, but only once I get my mallet!!

I also made my mom’s dirty rice casserole and then a new scallop potato casserole dish. The potatos were topped with this amazing truffle cheese that my Dad has unfortunately got me hooked on it,  which is not good because  it cost $13!  I kind of made up the recipe though so once I get it down better I will share it with you!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries for dessert!

Oh-And to top off a very good Valentine’s Day- the best gift ever!
er ah er ah errrrrrrrr- Thanks mama! xo

And thank yall for reading!