Short Ribs

Whatchu Know Bout Short Ribs?

Well lemme tell you who does know! Myyyyy Daddy! My pops is a talented chef constantly researching new techniques and cooking what I think to be intense complicated pieces of meat.  Being his favorite daughter and all he gave me a short ribs recipe and yall, ain’t nothing you and the bad boy can’t do…I’m talking about your crockpot.


  • 2lbs. of short ribs (I had to ask the butcher for them- 8 came in my pack)
  • ½ red bell pepper
  • 5 celery stalks
  • 1 onion
  • 1 1/2 cups carrots
  • ½ box mushrooms
  • Dried thyme, salt, pepper
  • Cup of beef broth
  • Cup of red wine
  • 2 bay leaves
  • Canola oil

These ribs are going to cook for 10 hours so the night before I did the preparing:


Place canola oil in a pan on high heat to sear your ribs.  Pat the ribs first with paper towels because dry meat browns better. Season generously with salt and pepper and then place the ribs in the canola oil and sear for about 30 seconds on each side. Remove ribs and place aside on a plate.dry


Cut up the pepper, celery, onion, carrots, and mushrooms and throw them into the crockpot. Strategically place your browned short ribs on top. Season with thyme and then put the lid on and place the ole crock in the fridge overnight.veggiesribs in pot

I set my alarm for 7AM (on my day off keep in mind) and had a few steps left: pour in the cup of beef, the cup of wine, and lastly put 2 bay leaves on top. I walked down my pitch black hallway to the kitchen with one eye opened half asleep. I proceeded to find a can opener and dump the broth in the crock. Next, I maneuvered through a drawer to find the wine opener and began twisting through the cork. I then had a moment of realization that if my roommate came in right now this would look extremely bad- hair a mess, long camo night-shirt on, striped pajama pants, duck slippers on…gettin AT a bottle of syrah wine a 7AM. So then I poured myself a glass. Just kidding. So then I poured a cup of wine in the crock, added the bay leaves, and plugged the bad boy in for 10 hours on low and hurried my ass back to bed.

Now yesterday was a very special Tuesday. Yesterday was not only Crockpottuesday. Yesterday was Crockpottuesday meets Coastal Kelder! Kelley is one of my friends down here in Charleston who has a blog that features many different DIY crafts.  I’m learning the two of us have lots in common. To name a few we both love soccer, studied in Spain, have animal slippers, have the same coffee mug and target chair, have blogs, love food, love crafts, and LOVE CATS. So pretty much the coolest kids ever. Anyways, yesterday I packed up my crockpot and headed to Kelley’s for dinner and crafts.

The beef came out extremely tender and contained so much juicy flavor. I was really impressed with the results and how easy it was to cook. The crockpot created a lot of liquid too so we actually ate the ribs in a bowl as a soup. The best part, the spoon was enough to pull the meat away from the bone because it was that tender. We served with the beef on the side bacon corn and old bay seasoned roasted okra. I would also suggestion using rice or potatoes and serve the beef over them and ladle the juice on top as gravy. (Tip: Always save your broth to use again for future ribs or even for soup-thanks Brenna!)plated

After dinner we moved to Kelley’s craft table and I made a spring wreath and a twine wrapped decorative bottle. Kelley had bought chalk paint and used it to make a sign on a wood slice, painted wine bottles with it, and even little flower pots! It’s been awhile since I have sat at a table and done arts and crafts and I forgot how into you get and how it even becomes soothing! For real!crafts

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Crockpottuesday meets Coastal Kelder!

Oh and did I mention her cat Cleo loved me?cleo