Stars is a new rooftop bar on upper King Street that opened back in September so reaaaally its not that new compared to recent restaurant openings in town. I have been multiple times to the bar which is a very chill atmosphere and they have a large selection of wine on tap which is awesome. The roof top is very open and has lots of tables and plants and open air- also always a large scene at night.

I had appetizers there with Lauren for the first time though and the BLT has changed my life. I am a huge sucker for pork belly and that’s exactly what this down from heaven piece of bacon tasted like. I feel like it really has changed my life because I will never again be able to eat a normal BLT. The lettuce was shredded and the tomatoes were grape tomatoes that were tucked down into the hot-dog style bun. The bun itself was amazing, kind of like texas toast (lots of butter). The whole presentation I found very creative and really enjoyed it. And to top it off…on Tuesdays from 4-7 its only $3!!!



The second appetizer that we ordered were the burger sliders. Whenever I am skimming a menu, if the word “truffle” is somewhere on there I usually catch it within 5 seconds. These burgers had on them…just wait..grilled oyster mushrooms, caramelized onions, black truffle aioli, and buffalo’s milk cheese. AHHHHmazing. ImageFood is such a part of me and my natural being. What I mean is it truly affects my status and mood. I was so happy after these two items because I was so impressed with their taste. The results of good food really do pull at my heart strings. Is that weird?