The Lot

This past Tuesday, Katie and I had plans to go see her NEW HOUSE! She and Jay purchased a house on James Island and I saw it in the beginning when it was in the early stages of being built and now it is looking like an actual home!! It has an Ashville-y vibe and they have done such a good job picking out the floors, wall colors, back splashes, counter tops, lights, you name it. One of my favorite features too is right across the street are wetlands that can never be built on so it’s in a beautiful location. IMG_0016They have even given me my own room in the house AND Keeper has a room above the garage. It’s just wonderful and I am so happy for them. Also, I’m proud to announce that the future Mr. and Mrs. Smith have graciously accepted being Keeper’s God parents….more on that later.IMG_0003After seeing the house, Katie, Jay, and I decided to eat somewhere close by in their new hood. Jay and I had never eaten at The Lot and Katie raved about it. It’s only a 5 minute drive from their new house so we hopped in the car and got on our way.IMG_0002We sat outside on the Lot’s colorful deck and enjoyed the fresh April night breeze. It felt so right lounging out there drinking cold beers. I had a moment of, I could be a JI girl, this is the simplest form of happiness for me. Causal outdoor sitting, good friends, good drinks, and good food to come. IMG_0001The Lot works closely with farms across the lowcountry and their menu changes daily depending on what ingredients are fresh and available. Tuesday’s dinner menu was written with chalk on a slab of black granite:IMG_0004Notice the limited one word descriptions. This is because it’s almost like a performance when the waitress describes everything. She went into such detail with each plate specifying about every spice and flavor and the preparation of each dish. It was captivating and each narrative she gave illustrated a picture in my mind.

We started with the rock shrimp appetizer. As some of you know, I have a weird thing with shrimp. Not my thing, but want it to be my thing, so I’ll always try them and will never turn it down if suggested. And thank goodness because these shrimp were like no shrimp I have ever had before. They tasted like lobster! They were so meaty and large and soaked up the vinaigrette dressing they sat in. They were also accompanied with a zucchini pasta, green onions, and al dente pasta that had a smoked peanut flavor. I wanted to drink the left over sauce. Katie was even talking about the dish hours later back at the house and said it tasted like home. I will be back for this!IMG_0007For my entree I decided I had to go with the soft shell crab, because when in season…      I don’t believe I’ve ever eaten a soft shell crab before, but good lord! The middle breast part of the crab was definitely my favorite. When I cut down the middle, juicy white lumps of meat were exposed with such a smooth texture paired against the crispy coconut crust. The legs had a nice crunch to them, which was a little odd at first to eat them as is and ‘naked,’ but once I acknowledged and moved past that part, I really enjoyed their crispy nutty flavor. IMG_0010IMG_0009Katie went with the chicken dish which was cooked with an 8lb brick on top of it. This controlled even cooking and a desirable juicy inside with a nice outside golden skin. The chicken was served with the green beans Katie had been craving all day and a creative chick-pea  and spinach potato cake. (All gluten free)IMG_0011And Jay went with the Tuesday night special- Burger Night. A healthy sized burger with a sweet pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and thick home fries.IMG_0012And because no meal is complete without dessert, we ordered the strawberry short cake with vanilla bean ice cream.IMG_0013 IMG_0014The Lot definitely surpassed its reputation and we will be back! And 2 of the 3 will be locals! Katie and Jay so happy for you and can’t wait for all the fun that is to come! Love y’all!IMG_0006And thanks for dinner Jayman!