The Warehouse is one of Charleston’s most recent restaurant/bar openings located on the corner of Spring Street and St. Phillip Street. It is smack in the middle of the neighborhood and has a local’s only vibe to it. I had read about it on Eater Charleston and knew I needed to get in there and check it out. I (obviously) love seeking out Charleston’s newest places so on day two of being opened; I realized I was already a day late. I called up my buddy Carlos who is always down to get food and try places with me and told him to meet me there in 10 minutes.

When I first pulled up I realized the place looks exactly like its name- a warehouse. It was even a little hard to spot because from the outside it looks like an abandoned building, but then I noticed the little neon sign in the window “Warehouse.” When you walk in there is a long wooden bar on the left, a few tall tables in the middle, booths on the far right, and then pool tables and other games in the back. It kind of reminded me of a smaller version of “Pub” for all you Columbia people. Carlos and I headed straight to the bar and posted up for what I would soon come to find out as one of my favorite new spots.


I first noticed that the prices are awesome. So many new places are jacking prices up for simple drinks and small plates. It definitely adds to the local neighborhood feel and is good business that will keep people coming in and returning. I ordered a glass of Spanish tempranillo for $5.00! One of my favorite little wine bars down the street from my place would charge $12.00 for that! You can’t beat this downtown.

Moving on, while looking at the menu we decided we wanted to try multiple dishes and share. We started with the meatballs. They were okay. The outside had a nice flavorful hard shell, but the inside was not very tender. I was hoping for a juicier inside to go with the crunchy outside. The sauce was very good though and tasted like some kind of Greek tzatziki and then they had white beans on top.


The next dish that came out was our fried cauliflowers. Eh- kind of same ordeal as the meatballs. Outside was heavily breaded and the cauliflower was overcooked.


ImageHowever, these two small dishes did not discourage me. For what to come was two sandwiches from the grown-up grilled cheese section on the menu. HOLY ****. I cannot and will not eat a normal grilled cheese again. I mean I will, but y’all, this has made me a better person. The first grown up grilled cheese consisted of chorizo, cheddar cheese, and large pieces of avocado. The chorizo was so soft and had the texture of pulled chorizo. It went so nicely with the cheddar cheese and really created a hearty sandwich. The second one we ordered was a grilled mushroom, pesto, and brie grilled cheese. These sandwiches were so different and I could not decide which one I liked better. This mushroom sandwich was salty as well as herb-ie from the pesto and the warm thick brie on the buttered texas toast was delicious. I like that these two sandwiches were funky, but at the same time simple. Image

ImageFor dessert we went with a smore made from graham crackers, marshmallows, and nutella. This dessert had extreme potential, but we both immediately agreed it needed to be served with ice cream. It was so dry and hard to swallow and ice cream would be the perfect addition.Image

For being opened for only two days I give this place a ten. The staff is great and knowledgeable, the location is perfect and an easy bike ride, and the food will only get better after being opened longer.

Thanks for reading!