Vincent Chicco’s

I know I said Edmund’s Oast was next on the restaurant journey, but I made a quick detour last Friday. My boy Rich$ was intown so I gathered up Odom, Shannon, Fallon, and Louise and made reservations for Vincent Chicco’s. This is ANOTHER new restaurant in Charleston. The Holy City Hospitality group is on a roll with three new openings all in the same building: Michael’s on the Alley, Victor Social Club, and then Vicent Chicco’s. Michael’s is a steak house, Victor’s is a cocktail club, and Vicent Chicco’s is an old-fashioned Italian American restaurant. restaurant 3

Upon walking in the building, I loved the tall ceilings, elaborate staircases (I have a thing for staircases), and dark lightning that gave off the vibe of-whoa we’re in a nice place. We were seated right on time in the best seat in the house, a large semi-circle booth with a view of the restaurant. Our server was excellent. She immediately asked if we had dinned at Vicent Chicco’s before and then proceeded to give us a history lesson. Vicent Chicco was an Italian man that migrated to Charleston during the prohibition era and was known as the ‘King of the Blind Tigers’. People would pay to visit ‘The Blind Tiger’ in exchange for a free drink. See below his picture above us, he is the one on the right.

group 2

To start we ordered a couple appetizers and sides for the table. Excuse me, to start we ordered cocktails and wine, let’s get the priorities straight. So, the first dish was Salumi which is the chef’s selection of artisanal meats paired with homemade jellies, mustards, roasted pine nuts, and sautéed eggplant. The meats were certainly delicious, but when it came out it made me laugh a bit. Do yall ever feel like small portions= trying to be fancy? I mean this in a humorous manner because I really did enjoy the board…but, easy on that drizzle by the bread in the middle.

meat board

Next came the bruschetta which I always love. It was served on house focaccia bread, with local tomatoes from John’s Island, olive oil, goat cheese, basil, and an arugula salad. The bread was crunchy on the outside with a soggy flavorful inside. I thought it was creative how it came out on a long cut of bread and the mixture was finely chopped, making it easy to eat and enjoy. bruchetta Now for the beets. All I gotta say is, PASS THE BEETS. These were the biggest hit at the table. No one could get enough so thank you Fallon for the last-minute impulse order. The dish consisted of roasted gold and red beets with bleu cheese mousse, white balsamic reduction, and hazelnuts. I think the mousse is what did it. It was extremely light and flavorful and was a perfect combination with the beets. I would bet that even if you don’t like beets, you would like this…


Fallon and Louise also ordered the gorgonzola salad which I unfortunately don’t have a picture of, but I tried Louise’s. It came with bib lettuce, pears, hazelnuts, figs, gorgonzola, and a pear red wine dressing. I couldn’t taste much of the dressing and thought the salad was bland. Fallon’s feedback, “Buzzkill.”

For my entrée I ordered the Carbonara Pasta dish. My favorite dish growing up was buttered pasta with peas so this dish was right up my alley, but in a grown-up way. It composed of bacon, peas, pappardelle pasta, and romano and parmesan cheese. So..yes the pasta was good..but, nothing special. It was very thick and heavy and I think the dish would have been better if it had more of a creamy consistency. Richard got the same dish though and I was pleased to see that they were able to make it gluten-free for him.


For dessert I had a bite of Fallon and Odom’s Tiramisu. The layers were drenched in cream and chocolate and coffee and was hands down ridiculously delicious-thanks for sharing. dessert

Overall, Vincent Chicco’s doesn’t lead me to rave and rant like I am known to do over restaurants I really love. The drinks were great, the beets were great, and the dessert was great, but everything else was okay and overly expensive. However, what I loved the most was dinning out with great friends and being able to share my experience on Crockpottuesday. group 3