Rich$ in the House!

Happy Friday Y’all! This week’s FRIDAY FEATURE is from one my best friends Richard Jordan. Enjoy below one of his recent recipes!

“What’s up Crockheads?! Rich$ here and I am honored to be a contributing writer for Crockpottuesday’s “Featured Friday”!

If ya didn’t know, ya should, that Susu and I have a lot in common. The main things we like are good friends, good times, and of course good food. Recently, the majority of our communication has been based on different bites we’ve cooked. To sum it up, Susu is my baby girl and best friend.

So, it’s a new year and with the New Year comes resolutions and with resolutions comes the ridiculous struggle with will power to follow through. For example, I said I wanted to make my bed every day for 2014 and that lasted 2 days. 2 days ya’ll, that’s awful. But, I do have one resolution and that is to eat better; not just eat better as a whole, but to remove gluten from my diet as a whole to see if I can get rid of my chronic stomach pains! Yes, it is hard, but as I’ve been going down this path, I’ve realized how many creative alternatives there are for gluten free diets.

Enough about me, let’s get to the good good and talk about a meal I think will satisfy multiple pallets. I’ve taken two of my loves, tacos and BBQ and made what I like to call “Southern Citrus Pork Tacos”. I hear you saying, “What’s in that bad boy?” Well it’s easy!

The Meat:
Medium Boston Butt
2 ½ cups white vinegar
3 oz Dole’s Orange, Pineapple and Banana Juice
Juice of 2 limes
4 cloves of garlic – minced
Salt and Pepper

Get a medium sized Boston Butt (Susu stop giggling) and make your marinade with the above ingredients. Let that marinate overnight with the butt so it sucks up all that good citrus juice. The day of, put the booty in the Crockpot and make sure you allot 7-8 hours to cook! When the time has come, the meat literally falls off the bone and shreds with a small turn of a fork.

Next, let’s talk toppings…yeahhh folks, it’d be easy go with your regular sour cream lettuce and tomatoes, but why? Here are the toppings I suggest:

Black Bean Mash
2 cans of black beans
Half of a large white onion

Sauté onion with evoo until brown and add 2 cans of un-drained black beans. Simmer for about 15 minutes and then use a spatula to smush the beans into a paste. This should be the first ingredient to touch your corn tortilla. Think of it as the foundation to the masterpiece you’re about to create and devour!

Marinated Red Onions (make the day before)
Half of a large red onion
3 oz. White Vinegar
2 cloves garlic,minced

Mix all above ingredients like a Polaroid picture.This purple relish makes a sweet crunch on top of your taco..freak.yes.

Tomato and Corn Salsa
Handful of cherry tomatoes – halved
Can of white corn
Salt and Pepper

Make a little bar for your guest to pick and choose their toppings. I also put out some avocado, (wouldn’t be a susu party without some –cados) cheese, and gluten free corn tortillas.

Ya’ll…this meal was so good. I had my grandmother and mother over to be my guinea pigs and the three of us had no trouble putting these suckers away. This recipe almost made too much, but as a stag, it’s perfect for leftovers. The ONLY setback for me was the pork held a lot more moisture than I expected and made the tortillas a little soggy, but that didn’t stop me from eating three! So out of five pickle spears, I give it a solid four! Easy, delicious, different, and GLUTEN FREE- helping me stick with my resolution. I hope you enjoy my “Southern Citrus Pork Tacos”.”

Thanks Rich$!




Hello!!! Okay everyone, this is going to be the Susu blog-weird.I know. BUT I am actually really excited and hope yall enjoy reading this. Last Christmas I got one of the most awesomEST gifts ever…A CROCKPOT. I have loved to cook for about 2 years now, but the crock pot truly is another world of cooking. It has opened so many food doors for me and I want to share! (Dad I’m sounding like you this is weird)  Anyways I wanted to catch y’all up on the past Crockpottuesday meals before this genius blog was created.

Last Tuesday, April 26, was the famous Boston Butt. This is actually the shoulder of a pig. And oh girl, it is good! I had bought about 9lbs of it back in February on accident so I cut off about half and threw it in the freezer. The trick to a good Boston Butt is the way you BUTTER DAT BUTT! This might even be why I like making this meal so much because you get to tell people you gotta go butter the butt, makes for good introductions to new friends at the bar-just saying. SO this entails taking that bad boy of meat and coating it in:

  • Brown sugar
  • cumin
  • paprika
  • chili powder
  • oregano
  • salt/pepper
  • garlic powder



After the meat is evenly coated (or not even doesn’t really matter), place it in the crock pot and have it marinate in the fridge overnight. Then, set that alarm clock for 9:00AM, get your ass out of bed, put the meat in the crock, program it for TEN HOURS on low heat, and then go about your business! It’s so easy. After ten hours “when your house is smelling of crock pot” take two forks and pull that pork apart.IMG_0008

Eliza recently went home to South Cacolackin and brought back some sticky fingers BBQ sauce and we poured that in the pot and let me tell you whaaaat–that’s where it’s at. We also made green bean casserole (shout out to mama Connie), homemade mac n cheese (experimented by Eliza and myself which was ridiculously awesome), biscuits for the pork (layered kind duh) AND watermelon Salad. Let me tell you about this real quick: chopped watermelon, onion, feta cheese, walnuts, balsamic dressing. I won’t say anything more but if you know whats best for you, you will make it yourself and won’t be making that face again.


Guest that attended: Susu, Eliza, Mason, Matt—-success? Yes.