Poogan’s Porch

Poogan’s Porch I tell ya was the second restaurant I went to when I moved back down to Charleston in early April of 2012. Being my first time walking onto that porch though only followed over a 100 years worth of footsteps before me. The original building of Poogan’s has been standing since the late 1800s. Poogan’s is snuggled up in a grand Victorian home on Queen Street that was converted into a restaurant in 1976. The original family sold the house and what ended up coming with it, a dog named “Poogan.”  The story goes that Poogan hung around the porch looking for scraps of food which the restaurant owners happily allowed. Three years later, Poogan passed away and he was buried under the restaurant’s porch. People sometimes say that the restaurant is ‘haunted’ with his ghost, but he’s a sweet pup so he’s always welcome!

Photo Cred: Poogan’s Porch

My first experience at Poogan’s 3 years ago was with Catherine and we sat in the main dining room area of the house and I had the fried chicken. To this day, I have been back multiple times and have ONLY had the fried chicken. I guess when ya know…ya know. Last week Katie, Jay, and I all went and sat at the bar for Poogan’s ‘Roll-back-Menu.’ This is when for a week or so out of ever year, the restaurant rolls their prices back to when they first opened in 1976. That means my fried chicken is under $10 and appetizers are around $4. Baller on a buuuuuudget!

We were greeted by bartender Eric and then a familiar face, Mr. Kyle DeGolyer! Kyle and I met through our dear mutual friend Julia and have bonded over food, crockpots (gonna need to borrow), and shall we say Zero George?IMG_0006

So roll-back, the three of us began our journey with BBQ shrimp and sausage over grits with tasso ham gravy, gouda mac and cheese, a spinach salad, and the most amazing slap-yo-grandma-good buttermilk biscuits with honey butter.

Photo Cred: Poogan's Porch

Photo Cred: Poogan’s Porch

As y’all can see these are not my pictures because it did not even occur to me to take a single minute to snap a photo until the spotless white plates were glaring back at me. Poogan’s has really nailed down the authentic downright Southern comfort food. This is what the South is all about. This is the food I want to eat when I’m sitting next to my good friends and enjoying good talks and laughing because life feels good with a warm biscuit in your hand. Moving on.

You’ve heard me say it, coming to you now, my go to, the best fried chicken.IMG_0001

The chicken has the exact crispy crunch to soft juicy inside ratio that any chicken eater is looking for. The chicken strategically is placed on a bed of dreamy whipped potatoes that creates the perfect combination bite. I’m a huge fan of combination bites. It’s all about the flavors matching and how they dance together in your mouth. (Stares out window wondering if that’s a weird sentence, decides to keep it.) The chicken is also served with collard greens which I am all about these days since my recent experiment. I noticed these collards had some of the stems still attached and I enjoyed eating them all the same. This somewhat infuriates me though, as I spent what seems like hours, detaching all of the stems from the collards I made. Will know next time it’s okay to keep some in there, thanks Poogan’s.

Jay indulged in the fried chicken as well and Katie went with her go to, the roasted catfish.IMG_0003As for dessert, Katie made an executive decision and ordered the bourbon chocolate cheese cake. And again, sorry for the picture delay, but this dessert was ambushed upon hitting the table.IMG_0009Just as the thee of us were leaning back in our stools and crossing our hands behind our heads, Kyle asked if we had time for his speciality cocktail. Absolutely. Kyle is a master mixologist and has made the finals in Art in a Glass for the Wine and Food Festival and Next Top Cocktail for Charleston Fashion Week. His concoction goes by the name “Shall Not Covet” and consists of Monkey Shoulder Scotch, Lillet Blanc, homemade Coffee Bitters, Strawberry Angostura Syrup, and powered egg whites. I don’t know what I just said, but watching the assemble I was hypnotized. Making cocktails is such a foreign world to me and I would never know that coffee bitters and egg whites would create such a sophisticated drink. IMG_0007And for his final signature touch, Kyle uses the strawberry Angostura syrup to spray through a plastic top with a cut out of a “X.”IMG_0008I’m officially a scotch drinker….but only in “Shall Not Covet” style. Kyle thanks for another amazing Poogan’s experience!

Happy Hump Day Crocks!IMG_0005