South of Broad November Issue!

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South of Broad October Issue!

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South of Broad Living August Issue!

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Pane E Vino

On May 2nd, a few friends from Charleston and I met at a local restaurant just down the street on Warren called Pane E Vino.


My friends Edwawa and Trig arranged a meeting in the courtyard to discuss business matters.

Table ShotThey had us pay them for the gathering and in return gave us plenty of red drink and Italian dishes.




It was very sophisticated.

Clips of nightOur food was even blessed by the man himself, Trig.


If you would like to read more about the food and our experience, the dinner will be featured in the South of Broad Living June Issue. Stay Juned…lemon cillo
P.s. Who was that guy that stood up and told us to turn our cell phones off? weird…